Distributed Information Systems Laboratory LSIR


Getting to Lausanne

You can either fly in to Geneva or Zürich. Geneva is closer. From Geneva airport there are 4 direct trains to Lausanne every hour and it takes 40-50 min to get to Lausanne. From Zürich airport there are at least 2 trains every hour and it takes approx. 2h30 to get to Lausanne (some of the connections require you to change trains).

For comprehensive information please check the web site of the Swiss railways at http://www.sbb.ch/en/index.htm

Getting to EPFL

M2 leaves just in front of the train station in Lausanne. Take it to direction "Lausanne-Flon".

At "Lausanne-Flon", change to M1 (TSOL) with the same ticket. Get off at the stop named "EPFL". EPFL is located on a large campus outside of Lausanne. The trip from the railway station to EPFL will take approx. 30 minutes.

Please be careful when you buy your ticket for the metro: You need the exact amount in Swiss Francs (coins) as the wending machine does not return change (some of the machines accept Euros). The price for the ticket is CHF 2.40.

From the EPFL metro stop to LSIR

  • Get off M1 (TSOL) and take the exit in the direction you arrived. Go down and then turn left underneath the rails.

  • Walk up the stairs and you'll be between 2 large buildings.

  • Walk straight ahead until you see EPFL's large main square to the left!

  • Follow "La Diagonale" (guess why it is called that way :-) slightly to the right to the end until you hit the computer science buildings (IN)

  • Enter the building and pass through this building until you enter a very new building. This is the BC buidling.

LSIR is located in the new BC building in the 1st floor (if you click on this link rooms belonging to LSIR are highlighted). You can find the room number of a person's office via the search tool on the EPFL homepage (on the left).

Basic Infrastructure @ LSIR

If you plan to do a presentation, a projector to connect your laptop to is available.

Please do not forget to bring a converter for your electricity plug!
Check http://kropla.com/electric.htm for comprehensive info. Switzerland uses this kind of plug.

Internet access @ LSIR

We can provide you with unlimited campus wide wireless access to the Internet. You'll need a WLAN card and a web browser. You'll need access credentials which we will provide to you.

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