Distributed Information Systems Laboratory LSIR

Former Group Members


Dr Hamza Harkous
2018, Data-Driven, Personalized Usable Privacy

Dr Hao Zhuang
Manager at AIXPERT
2018, Multicloud Resource Allocation Cooperation, Optimization and Sharing

Dr Martin Benjamin
Director of Kamusi

Alexandru Constantin

Natalia Boyarskaya

Dr Michele Catasta
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University
2017, MEM0R1ES: Memory-based Information Systems

Dr Julien Eberle
Data Scientist at Swiss Data Science Center
2016, Energy-efficient Continuous Context Sensing on Mobile Phones

Vsevolod Soloviov
Team Leader at ScienceWISE

Dr Jean-Paul Calbimonte
senior researcher at the Institute of Information Systems (IIG) at HES-SO Valais

Dr Rameez Rahman
Scientist in Nokia Bell Lab

Dr Quoc Viet Hung Nguyen
Scientist in Queensland Univeristy

Dr Matteo Vasirani
Global Analytics at Electronic Arts, Geneva

Dr Xin Liu
Scientist in ASTAR(Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore)

Dr. Sofiane Sarni

Dr Robert Gwadera
Senior Data Scientist in Swiss Re

Dr Athanasios Papaioannou
Researcher in Information Technologies Institute, Center for Research & Technology Hellas

Dr Zhixian Yan
Staff Researcher at Samsung R&D U.S. Labs, San Jose, California, USA.

Dr Zoltan Miklos
Maitre de Conferences, University of Rennes 1, France.

Dr Hoyoung Jeung
Senior Researcher, SAP Research, Brisbane, Australia.

Dr Sebastian Michel
Research group leader at the Saarland University, Germany

Dr Vasilios Darlagiannis
Researcher at Informatics and Telematics Institute (ITI), Greece

Dr Vijay Agneeswaran
Principal Researcher, Oracle, Bangalore, India

Dr Andreas Wombacher
Assistant Professor at University Twente

Dr Yongluan Zhou
Assistant Professor at University of Southern Denmark

Dr Ivana Podnar
Assistant Professor at University Zagreb, Croatia

Dr Manfred Hauswirth
Vice Director & Stream Leader & Unit Leader USM at National University Galway, Ireland

PhD students

Dr Alevtina Dubovitskaya
2018, Privacy - Preserving Data Exchange and Aggregation in Healthcare

Dr Julia Proskurnia
Software Engineer at Google
2017, Profiling, Modelling and Facilitating Online Activism

Dr Amit Gupta
Software Engineer at Google
2017, Automated Taxonomy Induction and its Applications

Dr Jean-Eudes Ranvier
Data scientist at FAIRTIQ
2017, Complex Event Recognition through Wearable Sensors

Dr Tian Guo
Research Scientist at ETH Zurich
2017, Distributed Time Series Analytics

Dr Berker Agir
Senior Software Developer at Smartwatcher Technologies
2016, Context and Semantic Aware Location Privacy

Dr Alexandra Olteanu
Social Good Fellow, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
2016, Probing the Limits of Social Data: Biases, Methods and Domain Knowledge

Dr Tri-Kurniawan Wijaya
Data Scientist, Trivago
2015, Pervasive Data Analytics for Sustainable Energy Systems

Dr Mehdi Riahi
2014, Data Management in Participatory Sensing

Dr Surender Reddy Yerva
R&D Redmond Microsoft
2013, Entities on the Web: Resolution, Matching and Profiling

Dr Saket Sathe
Staff Researcher at IBM Research, Melbourne (Australia)
2013, Statistical Models for Querying and Managing Time-Series Data

Dr Rammohan Narendula
Security Architect, CipherCloud, CA
2013, Privacy-aware Publishing of Decentralized Access-Controlled Content

Dr Urs Hunkeler
CIO, Geosatis SA, Noirmont, Suisse
2013, Distributed Sensor Data Models and Their Impact on Energy Consumption of Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr Nicolas Bonvin
CTO & Partner at Causal Sàrl, Fribourg, Switzerland
2012, Linear Scalability of Distributed Applications

Dr Wojciech Galuba
Data Scientist at Facebook, Palo Alto, California, USA
2011, Signaling and Reciprocity : Robust Decentralized Information Flows in Social, Communication, and Computer Networks

Dr Parisa Haghani
Google, New York, USA
2010, Efficient Processing of Queries Ranking in Novel Applications

Dr Le Hung Vu
Software Development Lead at routeRANK SA, Lausanne
2010, High Quality P2P Service Provisioning via Decentralized Trust Management

Dr Adriana Budura
Business analyst at Credit Suisse, Zurich
2010, Leveraging User-Generated Content for Information Discovery on the Web

Dr Oana Jurca
2010, A Publish/Subscribe Approach to Processing Continuous Queries over Sensor Streams

Dr Ali Salehi
Postdoc at CSIRO, Australia
2010, Design and implementation of an efficient data stream processing system

Dr Gleb Skobeltsyn
Postdoc at Google in Zurich
2009, Query-driven indexing in large-scale distributed systems

Dr Sarunas Girdzijauskas
Senior Researcher in the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Stockholm, Sweden
2009, Designing peer-to-peer overlays : a small-world perspective

Dr Roman Schmidt
Vice President - Project Manager at JP Morgan, Geneva, Switzerland
2008, Sharing of probabilistically correlated data in peer-to-peer networks

Dr Fabius Klemm
Wuala startup
2007, A high-performance distributed hash table for peer-to-peer information retrieval

Dr Magdalena Punceva
UGD, Macedonia
2006, Self-organizing structured peer-to-peer overlay networks

Dr Anwitaman Datta
Assistant professor at Nanyang Technological University Singapore
2006, SoS: self-organizing substrates

Dr Philippe Cudre-Mauroux
Associate Professor at University of Fribourg, Suisse
2006, Emergent semantics

Dr Jie Wu
Enterpreneur in Bejing
2005, Distributed link-based ranking in P2P Web retrieval

Dr Zoran Despotovic
Research Scientist at DoCoMo Euro-Labs
2005, Building trust-aware P2P systems

Interns/Master Students/Engineers


Academic Visitors