Distributed Information Systems Laboratory LSIR

research awards

Research awards are one form of recognition of our work. Find here the awards that our laboratory has received since its start in 2000.

LSIR research awards

EPFL Best Thesis Award

  • Philippe Cudré-Mauroux: Emergent semantics: rethinking interoperability for large scale decentralized information systems, 2007.
  • Best Paper Awards

  • H. Harkous and K. Aberer. "If You Can't Beat them, Join them: A Usability Approach to Interdependent Privacy in Cloud Apps." Outstanding Paper Award at the Seventh ACM on Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy. ACM, 2017.
  • H. Zhuang, R. Rahman, H. Pan and K. Aberer. StoreSim: Optimizing Information Leakage in Multicloud Storage Services. Best student paper award at 7th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2015.
  • Hamza Harkous wins the Best Dataset Award with the CloudSpaces team at the ACM The Internet Measurement Conference (IMC) 2015
  • H. Zhuang, R. Rahman and K. Aberer. Optimizing Information Leakage in Multicloud Storage Services. Best poster award at IEEE International Conference on Collaboration and Internet Computing, Hangzhou, China, 2015.
  • J.-P. Calbimonte and K. Aberer. Reactive Processing of RDF Streams of Events. Best paper award at the Proc. of the 4th International Workshop on Detection, Representation, and Exploitation of Events in the Semantic Web DeRiVE 2015, at ESWC 2015. Portoroz, Slovenia, May 2015.
  • J.-E. Ranvier, M. Catasta, M. Vasirani and K. Aberer. RoutineSense: A Mobile Sensing Framework for the Reconstruction of User Routines, Best paper award at the 12th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services, Coimbra, Portugal, 2015
  • Alexandra Olteanu, Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Karl Aberer. Comparing the Predictive Capability of Social and Interest Affinity for Recommendations, Best paper award at the 15th international Conference on Web Information System Engineering (WISE 2014)
  • Q. V. H. Nguyen, T. Nguyen Thanh, Z. Miklós and K. Aberer. On Leveraging Crowdsourcing Techniques for Schema Matching Networks, Best paper award at the 18th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA), Wuhan, China, 2013.
  • T. Guo, Z. Yan, K. Aberer: An Adaptive Approach for Online Segmentation of Multi-Dimensional Mobile Data, Best paper award at the 11th International ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access (MobiDe 2012), May 20th, 2012, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • A. Olteanu, G. Pierre: Towards Robust and Scalable Peer-to-Peer Social Networks, Best paper award at the EuroSys 2012 5th Workshop on Social Network Systems, April 10, Bern, Switzerland.
  • K. Aberer, A.  Boyarsky, P.  Cudré-Mauroux, G. Demartini,  O. Ruchayskiy, ScienceWISE: A Web-based Interactive Semantic Platform for Scientifi c Collaboration, Best demo paper award at the 10th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2011), Oct 23-27, 2011, Bonn, Germany.
  •  J.P. Calbimonte, H. Jeung, O.  Corcho, K. Aberer, Semantic Sensor Data Search in a Large-Scale Federated Sensor Network, Best paper award at 4th International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks 2011, collocated with the 10th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2011), 23-27 October 2011, Bonn, Germany.
  • W. Galuba, K. Aberer, Z. Despotovic, W. Kellerer, Leveraging Social Networks for Increased BitTorrent Robustness, Best student paper award, CCNC10.
  • A. Salehi, M. Riahi, K. Aberer and S. Michel: GSN, Middleware for Streaming World, , Best Demo Award at the International Conference on Mobile Data Management Systems, MDM 2009.
  • W. Galuba and K. Aberer, Generic emergent overlays in arbitrary peer identifier spaces. Best paper award at the Second International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems, IWSOS 2007.
  • A. Datta, K. Aberer, The challenges of merging two similar structured overlays: A tale of two networks, Best paper award at the International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems, IWSOS 2006.
  • Z. Despotovic, K. Aberer, A Probabilistic Approach to Predict Peers' Performance in P2P Networks. Best paper award at the International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents, CIA 2004.
  • J. Wu, K. Aberer: Using SiteRank for decentralized computation of Web document ranking. Best student paper award at the Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems, 2004.
  • Competitions

  • S.Yerva, Zoltan Miklos, K. Aberer win the WePS-3 On-line Reputation Management Task http://nlp.uned.es/weps/weps-3/guidelines/40-guidelines-for-the-weps-3-on-line-reputation-management-task, 2010 (Results).
  • Industrial Fellowships

  • Tri Kurniawan Wijaya receives the IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Award 2013 (See News).
  • Logitech Prize

    This prize rewards Master projects being characterized by their creativity, their innovation, their pragmatism and economic feasibility.
    • Mirko Steinle: Learning Service Dependencies of the Geneva University Hospital's Clinical System by Mining Logging Data, 2006.
    • Enrico Giacoletto: Reorganization of folder structure through local user interactions, based on document clustering, 2003.