Distributed Information Systems Laboratory LSIR

our sponsors

Different public and private entities are supporting our research financially. We greatly appreciate this continued support and would like to acknowledge all our sponsors. We truly believe that investments into research and education are one of the most profitable that society and business can take.

Swiss National Science Foundation

    NCCR MICS - Swiss National Research Centre for Mobile Information and Communication Systems (2001-2012)
    Global Sensor Networks - a middleware for processing sensor data in the Internet

Swiss Federal Programs

    OpenSense - an open platform for air pollution monitoring

    ScienceWise - a semantic and social environment for physics

European Framework program

    CloudSpaces - Open Service Platform for the Next Generation of Personal clouds

    PlanetData - Network of Excellence on large-scale data management

    NisB - The Network is the Business NisB (2009-2013)

Industry Support