Distributed Information Systems Laboratory LSIR

Evergrow - Ever-growing global scale-free networks, their provisioning, repair and unique functions (2004-2007)

Evergrow is a European Integrated Project in the FET program to invent methods and systems, and build infrastructure for measurement, mock-ups and analysis of network traffic, topology and logical structure, so that we can start now to address the opportunities presented by the Internet of 2025. The objectives are to integrate in a single project advances in our knowledge of data networks and the content they carry, through new techniques of measurement, advances in the theory of the emergent phenomena which are encountered in these large, ever-growing dynamic networks, with a focus on mechanisms to regulate their growth and channel user behavior in the most effective directions, and advances in the architecture and functioning of overlay networks, which are the critical tool for exploiting this growing wealth of computing and communications power. Leading house is SICS in Stockholm, Sweden. We participated in the subproject on scalable decentralized self-healing services which investigates fundamentals of P2P architectures.

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