Distributed Information Systems Laboratory LSIR

NEPOMUK - The Social Semantic Desktop (2006 - 2008)

Human knowledge work mainly consists of the reception, interpretation and structuring of information, the explicit articulation of thoughts in suitable representations (like texts and pictures), and the sharing, exchange and discussion of such resources with other people. The way people proceed in this is heavily influenced by the tools they use: The personal workspace - and the personal computer in particular - support and reflect the individual ways of information processing, thought articulation, and knowledge sharing across social and organizational networks.


NEPOMUK intends to realize and deploy a comprehensive solution - methods, data structures, and a set of tools - for extending the personal computer into a collaborative environment, which improves the state of art in online collaboration and personal data management and augments the intellect of people by providing and organizing information created by single or group efforts.

This solution is called the Social Semantic Desktop. This enhanced personal workspace (the Desktop) will be Semantic since it will give information a well defined meaning, making it processable by the computer. It will be Social since it will support the interconnection and exchange with other desktops and their users.

LSIR has been working on a peer-to-peer storage infrastructure for NEPOMUK.

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