Distributed Information Systems Laboratory LSIR


Current Courses, Spring Semester 2015

Distributed Information Systems

This course introduces in detail several key technologies underlying today's distributed information systems. After introducing nonstandard data models nowadays in use on the Web for information representation, we learn about various aspects of processing this information at increasing levels of abstraction, starting from the physical aspects of managing distributed data up to the extraction of new information from existing data by means of data mining. The specific focus will be on managing Web and mobile data.

Course contents

Distributed data management
  • Schema Fragmentation
  • Data Broadcasting in Mobile Networks
  • P2P Systems
  • Structured Overlay Networks
  • Semi-Structured Data Management
  • Data on the Web
  • XML Storage and Filtering
  • Graph Databases
  • Information Retrieval
  • Vector Space Model
  • Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Relevance Feedback
  • Inverted Files
  • Linked-based Ranking
  • Data Mining
  • Association rlies
  • Clustering
  • Classification

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