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Efficiently Sensing Complex Events

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Efficiently Sensing Complex Events

Laboratory : LSIR Semester / Master Completed


In the world today we interact with a number of smart objects that sense our context, the environment and numerous other information. Apart from storing all the sensed data, we want to be able to react in real-time to complex events which are not sensed by any one object alone, but must be inferred from a combination of objects. This raises a number of problems, as data sensed "at the same time" must be correlated depending on the specified description (queries) of interesting events. Furthermore, when the interconnected objects have limited resources, we should be able to reuse data correlations as much as possible. This project should provide us with an implementation of a sensor network tailored distributed algorithm for detecting complex events.



  • Implement the complex event detection algorithm on the lab's sensor network platform (GSN).
  • Evaluate the implementation with artificially designed and real life data sets.




  • Becoming familiar with Global Sensor Networks infrastructure (GSN).
  • Gain experience in the area of sensing objects and smart objects.

Further Information


  • See the LSIR Project Guidelines for regulations
  • This project can be tailored to be a semester or Masters project

Contact: Oana Jurca