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Continuous Query Processing in Mobile Geosensor Networks

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Continuous Query Processing in Mobile Geosensor Networks

Laboratory : LSIR Master Completed


Community-driven sensing of our environment is a rapidly emerging area. Air pollution monitoring of urban metros by placing sensors on public and private vehicles is a typical example of such a community driven mobile geosensor network.

In this project, we explore continuous query processing techniques for data produced by such mobile geosensor networks, in the context of OpenSense (http://opensense.epfl.ch ) - a large project aiming to develop an open platform whose major scientific objective is to efficiently and effectively monitor air pollution using wireless and mobile sensors.

The student will benefit from experience in learning about query processing, indexing techniques for sensor data, as well as experience in programming techniques to handle large data.

Requirements: C or C++, Java, SQL Optional (Nice to have): Matlab, Python, R



Contact: Saket Sathe