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Efficient Resource Allocation in Multi-cloud Environment

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Efficient Resource Allocation in Multi-cloud Environment

Laboratory : LSIR Semester / Master Completed



Cloud computing is gaining strength in the IT marketplace because of its on-demand resource provisioning, high availability and elasticity. To offer these advantages, many largely centralized computing infrastructures are built, which also results in many problems such as resource over-provisioning, huge energy consumptions, privacy protection, data security, etc. In this project, we envision a multi-cloud environment in which the resources are provided and shared by a group of small data centers. Through cooperations by small cloud vendors, our cloud model could overcome those limitations raised by centralization.

We will model resource allocation and incentives in a multi-cloud scenario using models other than revenue maximization. Revenue maximization models usually require high levels of abstraction and thus cannot model complex strategies easily. In fact, such models can quickly become intractable with increased complexity. We will use a multi-agent based simulation to model such strategies, including those based on reciprocity, loyalty, location proximity, legal constraints etc. Through simulation, we will find the optimal strategies for cloud providers and also we will analyze the properties of those optimal strategies.

  • Having the motivation for indulging in a research oriented project
  • Programming skills with Java
  • Interested in algorithm design


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