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Monitoring tools for GSN deployment

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Monitoring tools for GSN deployment

Laboratory : LSIR Semester / Master Completed


Within the OpenSense project, pollution sensors were deployed in the cities of Zurich and Lausanne, generating continuous measurements of the air quality as well as the status of the sensors themselves. To support such massive data streams, the backend is based on the streaming middleware GSN (Global Sensor Networks), which connects to data source through Wrappers, processes the streams within Virtual Sensors and provides multiple API for publishing them. It is built in a way that makes easy to deploy new infrastructures without (or with very little) coding.

To ensure that the data collection server is working properly, some monitoring has to be performed. But different layers have to be covered:

  • The operating system: Existing tools can be used to monitor the space left on disk, system load, memory available, network connectivity,...
  • The GSN server: Specific monitoring endpoints have to be implemented to be able to know the state of the Wrappers and Virtual Sensors (and internal data structures)
  • The deployed sensors: As the sensors already report their health status it is more a data aggregation task here.
All those sources of information should be inputed in a single monitoring tool. Several existing tools will be evaluated during the project to select the most appropriated one and if not provided by the tool, a graphical user interface summarizing the system status will be developped. (it should provide configurable alerts and plotting of historical values)


  • Knowledge of Java development
  • Knowledge of Linux and related tools

Preferred, but not required

  • Familiarity with monitoring tools and server management


In case of any questions, please drop us an email or come to our offices:

Contact: Julien Eberle