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http://reminisce.me — a game to measure the memorability of autobiographical data

Project Details

http://reminisce.me — a game to measure the memorability of autobiographical data

Laboratory : LSIR Semester / Master Completed


reminisce.me is a game we have been developing over the last year with a very diverse team (Master and PhD students, neuroscientists and psychologists, a professional Web designer, etc.) The goal is very ambitious, but at the same time exciting: release a reliable gaming platform which can attract thousands of players, while answering very interesting scientific questions, e.g., How much do people remember of the life events they share online? Is our autobiographical memory affected by the continuous usage of Online Social Networks? etc.

We already have a working prototype of the game (Web only), and we are planning to run a pilot user-study in the next few months. You'll share the office with a small team of very motivated people that have built the project from scratch, as you can see from our GitHub organization.

The challenges you will have to tackle depend on your motivation and skills. Enthusiasm, on the other hand, is mandatory during the whole length of the project :-) We are looking for 3 different profiles:
- you are fascinated by Big Data analytics, and you wanna help us obtain key insights from the usage logs of our game
- you are a skilled full-stack developer, and you wanna contribute to the core of the game (e.g., improvements to the backend, game mechanics, gamification aspects, etc.)
- you have experience in building mobile apps, and you wanna lead the effort on our iOS or Android app


  • Able to write (reusable AND testable) (Javascript OR Scala)[backend] / (Objective-C OR Swift OR Java)[mobile]
  • Familiar with the Git/GitHub workflow
  • Great communication skills

Preferred, but not required

Contact: Michele Catasta

Contact: Michele Catasta