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What's News In Your Tweets

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What's News In Your Tweets

Laboratory : LSIR Master Completed


The main question to tackle in this project is "What's a tweets' news value?" There multiple dimensions to this problem. We'd like you to consider all but focus on the feasible ones. Some of them are: 1- Which tweets report promptly, accurately and sufficiently detailed for an emerging event? 2- Which tweets (or Twitter floods) would qualify as opinion pieces, or likely to influence opinion articles that are published in newspapers? 3- News also come with testimonies and sometimes with embedded tweets. Could we spot such tweets that qualify as testimonies or could be suitable to embed in news articles? And end goal would be to create a framework for journalists to collect tweets with news values automatically.

Deliverables: clean and organized code, a cool presentation

Python skills is required. Interest in journalism and politics is a plus.

Contact: Tugrulcan Elmas