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Sophisticated Web Application Using Ruby on Rails

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Sophisticated Web Application Using Ruby on Rails

Laboratory : LSIR Semester Completed


The environment for web application development is changing rapidly. Recently with advent of the rails framework for developing web applications, people can develope much complex web application in much less time. Ruby on Rails, often called RoR, or just Rails, is an open source web application framework written in Ruby that closely follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It strives for simplicity and allowing real-world applications to be developed in less code than other frameworks and with a minimum of configuration. We are currently actively developing and promoting our zero-programming sensor network deployment solution which is called Global Sensor Networks (GSN) and this project involves learning and developing various web applications using Ruby on Rails and MySQL database on top of the GSN platform.



  • Practical experience in developing large scale web applications.




  • Becoming familiar with Rails framework.
  • Practical experience in developing a real world web applications (using most of the lessons you learned in previous courses).
  • Becoming familiar with Global Sensor Networks infrastructure.
  • Working in an interactive research environment.


  • Beginner to intermediate level experience in using Linux.
  • Good JavaScript and HTML, CSS skills.
  • Good PHP, MySQL and Apache skills.
  • Good Java skills.
  • Being interested to learn new libraries.



Contact: Ali Salehi