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The Intelligent House

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The Intelligent House

Laboratory : LSIR Semester Completed


Electronic systems become smaller and more powerful. Computers will disappear and enable a generation of smart objects with which we will interact in new ways. These interactions will cause other ones, between these smart objects. Ultimately, human beings will evolve in a digitally enhanced world that consider human beings as human beings and not as keystrokes and mouse clicks. GSN is an ongoing research project at LSIR that aims to provide a powerful data processing platform for this future. Its main features are: hardware independence, streams based semantics, ease of use and deployment.

We would like to use the latest enhancements in technology for inter-connecting devices.The uPnP standard allows devices to connect seamlessly and to simplify the implementation of networks in the home (data sharing, communications, and entertainment) and corporate environments. UPnP achieves this by defining and publishing UPnP device control protocols built upon open, Internet-based communication standards. Having this standard ones the opportunity to nore interesting interactions with robots, temperature and light sensors, RFID tags and other kinds of uPnP devices.



  • Becoming familiar with uPnP standard and Mobile programming.


  • Becoming familiar with uPnP standard.
  • Practical experience in developing the real world mobile (symbian os) applications.
  • Becoming familiar with Global Sensor Networks infrastructure (GSN).
  • Working in an interactive research environment.
  • Gaining experience in distributed (networked) systems.




  • Intermediate to advanced level experience in using linux.
  • Good C skills.
  • Good Java skills.
  • Skills in Python and Symbian OS are plus.
  • Being interested to learn new libraries.



Contact: Ali Salehi