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Symbian OS and Advanced Mobile Phones

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Symbian OS and Advanced Mobile Phones

Laboratory : LSIR Semester Completed


Symbian OS is the global industry standard operating system for smartphones, and is licensed to the world's leading handset manufacturers, who account for over 85 per cent of annual worldwide mobile phone sales. Symbian OS's major advantage is the fact that it was built for handheld devices, with limited resources, that may be running for months or years. Symbian OS can be programmed in various languages such as C++, Perl, Python and many programs are already ported to this platform such as PuTTy and Apache HTTP server.

The goal of this project is to gain general experience in using the Symbian OS (specially with Nokia N80). At LSIR Lab, we are working on various aspects of information management in wireless sensor network. We are currently actively developing and promoting our zero-programming sensor network deployment solution which is called Global Sensor Networks (GSN) . Thanks to the availability and simplicity of SymbianOS, we can the latest results in research with the latest developments in technology.



  • Getting experience with new PDAs running Linux and Java.
  • Becoming familiar with the GSN and using it for interacting with sensor networks and GSN.




  • Becoming familiar with wirelss sensor networks.
  • Practical experience in deploying and using Java and Linux on the state of the art technology.
  • Becoming familiar with Global Sensor Networks infrastructure.
  • Working in an interactive research environment.




  • Good experience in Linux.
  • Good C++ Programming skills.
  • Good Java Programming skills.
  • Working in an interactive research environment.
  • Knowledge of Python is a plus.


Contact: Ali Salehi