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SmartD: Smart Meter Data Analytics Dashboard

Project Details

SmartD: Smart Meter Data Analytics Dashboard

Laboratory : LSIR Semester / Master Completed


Smart meters play an important role for the success of the future smart energy grid. It communicates real-time customers’ energy consumption to the utility company. Smart meters help the utility company to perform rich energy analytics such as customers’ consumption behavior analysis, theft detection, outage management, and conduct demand response events.

In this project, we will develop a dashboard that can be used by an operator to analyze smart meter data. This dashboard will provide functionalities needed in modern data analytics such as querying available data, filling in missing values, and forecasting future (or past-unavailable) consumption. The dashboard should be easy to understand, simple to use, but complete enough to support the operator for their everyday job. If needed, whenever possible, we will not implement machine learning algorithm or visualization tool from scratch. Instead, we will use public libraries available.

If you have any question, just drop us an email, or come to our office:

  • Tri Kurniawan Wijaya (BC147): tri-kurniawan.wijaya@epfl.ch
  • Matteo Vasirani (BC114): matteo.vasirani@epfl.ch


  • Willing to go through several iterations if needed for building a system with high usability
  • Familiar with (or at least having desire to learn) data mining/machine learning techniques

Possible starting date: asap.

Contact: Tri Kurniawan Wijaya