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InfluenceMe, If You can!

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InfluenceMe, If You can!

Laboratory : LSIR Semester / Master Proposal


In social networks, community as well as influencer/influenced analysis are considered to be one of the most important problem when it comes to online activism, online marketing, political campaigning etc. InfluenceMe project tackles various issues related to dealing with big unstructured (i.e. text, graphs etc) data, learning models and predicting outcomes within and beyond project boundaries, inferring correlations between various components of the social community.

In this project, we will try to tackle three main aspects of the community information dissemination. First, we define the metric to properly evaluate different methods of community detection, as well as influencer-influenced relation classification. Second, we explore topical communities and influentials. Third, we analyse the positioning of users within various topical communities and make generalisations on various domains, such as climate change communities, petitions activists etc. You will be collaborating with a team of motivated students and researchers on a daily basis. Your role will be defined in more details few weeks before you join the team.

The challenges you will have to tackle depend on your motivation and skills. Enthusiasm, on the other hand, is mandatory during the whole length of the project :-)


  • be able to write reusable and testable Python/Java code
  • be familiar with Git/GitHub workflow
  • have great communication skills

Preferred, but not required

  • be familiar with Data Mining, Machine Learning and BigData analytics

Contact: Julia Proskurnia

Contact: Julia Proskurnia
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