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PANEL: A Portal to Analyze the NEws Landscape

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PANEL: A Portal to Analyze the NEws Landscape

Laboratory : LSIR Semester / Master Proposal


Many factors can have a strong influence on the content that news channels broadcast (for example ownership/affiliation, as recent events have shown us). We believe that new methods should be developed in order to better understand the dynamics of the news landscape and the way news spread out in social media.

In this project, we will kickstart the development of a web platform to analyze news coverage, with the ambitious goal to provide a large-scale comprehensive monitoring of thousands of news channels. The project will both involve the development of the platform itself (some basic webdev skills are required) and the implementation of the machine learning pipeline that we developed. We are looking for motivated students with a background in data science/machine learning and with an interest in journalism to help us bring the platform to life.

Project for 2 students. A passion for machine learning, data science and for creative data exploration is required.

Send us your CV: jeremie.rappaz@epfl.ch, panayiotis.smeros@epfl.ch.

Contact: Rappaz Jérémie
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